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Gregory Keefer

                            for Sheriff of Boise County 

  My name is Gregory Keefer. I am a Conservative, Republican, candidate for Sheriff of Boise County for the May 19th, 2020 election. I am a husband, father, retired field deputy, and a Special Operations combat veteran. I have been actively campaigning for Sheriff throughout every Boise County community since December 2018.

   My commitments to the great people of Boise County and to the Boise County Sheriff's Office Employees are realistic, obtainable, and sustainable. I tell my children every day, "do the right thing, not the easy thing!" I always have, and always will, stick to my word!

    I am 48 years old and married to my beautiful wife April. We have lived in the Clear Creek area of Boise County for ten years. April is a great mom and an Emergency Department Registered Nurse at St. Lukes, Boise. We have three children, MaKenzie-24, Rylan-19 and Wyatt-8.

    I have 15 years experience as a Patrol Deputy Sheriff from the very rural community of Mohave County, Arizona to the larger metropolitan area of Los Angeles County, California. In Mohave County Arizona, I worked patrol and watercraft assignments in many remote parts of the county. In January 1993, I was awarded the "Life Saving Award" for rescuing a child who was drowning in the Colorado River. 

    In Los Angeles County, I worked Patrol at Compton Station and Lomita Station. I had collateral duties as a Paramedic instructor/Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor for the specialized Sheriff's Air Rescue Detail, the SWAT Paramedics and as a Tactical Emergency Medical Technician-Basic Instructor for Sheriff Patrol Deputies. My Sheriff assignments included: Patrol, Evictions/Restraining Orders/Warrants/Civil Process Detail, Los Angeles County jail and as a Bailiff/Court Lock Up/Felony Prowler in Los Angeles County Superior Courts. I retired in 2009 from a near fatal in the line-of-duty injury.

    I am also a decorated Combat Veteran. I served on Active Duty for three years in the United States Air force, four years in the Air National Guard, and three years in the U.S. Army Reserve. I was a member of the NASA Space Shuttle Helicopter Rescue Team and a Tactical Air Evacuation Paramedic on C-130 aircraft. I taught NREMT-Intermediate (NREMT-Advance) classes to the U.S. Army-75th Ranger Regiment, AFSOC-720th Special Tactics Squadron, and to Air Evacuation EMT's in preparation for Special Operations combat deployments.

    In 2000, I was selected to represent the 146th Air Evacuation Squadron's executive leadership to AFSOC-Hurlbert Filed, Florida. I managed a specialized Air Evacuation BETA program, drafted policy, maintained budgets, and spearheaded a 25 member specially trained air evacuation team.

    In October 2001, immediately following 09/11, I was recruited, passed a comprehensive interview, assessment and selection process for U.S. Army Special Operations Command. I completed John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center & School-Civil Affairs Course. I was awarded Military Special Operations Occupational Specialities-38B/W4 and 68W/W4. I was assigned to the 426th Civil Affairs Battalion as a Civil Affairs-Special Operations Paramedic.

   The primary mission of the 426th CA Bn was to embed into indigenous communities, build community relationships, assess community needs, provide austere community medical/veterinary care, foreign internal defense/unconventional warfare support, and solve critical community issues, while attached to a Green Beret Operational Detachment. Our Special Operations deployments included: the Philippine Islands, Myanmar, Afghanistan, and Iraq. I was deployed to "Operation Joint Guardian"- Macedonia/Kosovo and received USASOC-Presidential Orders immediately following 09/11 (Operation Enduring Freedom). I have been deployed (TDY) to twelve states and six foreign countries in service to our great nation.

    My diverse experience in Law Enforcement, experience in Advanced Paramedic Medicine, management and leadership in a Special Operations military unit, community building, combined with my commitment to integrity, "doing the right thing," elevate training, and to instill professional Sheriff ethics, qualifies me as the candidate of choice for Sheriff of Boise County on May 19th, 2020.  

Thank You for visiting my website.

   On May 19th, 2020

        Please Elect 

       Gregory Keefer  


Sheriff of Boise County


Committee to Elect Gregory Keefer 
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